Virtuosodesign offers a wide array of design and digital media services including: web design and development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), graphic design, logo design and brand management, layout, digital and process printing as well as audio and video production.

The ambition is to design a responsive and dynamic, scalable effort and apply those efforts to a medium.
What does that look like?

Interface Design & Web Development

Virtuosodesign creates custom, device-responsive websites that look great and meet or exceed industry standard. Virtuosodesign turns strategic insight and design into gorgeous brand experiences, inspiring users and transforming businesses...

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Branding & Business Identity

Virtuosodesign creates custom, high-end graphic design that employs creative and conceptual design fundamentals and encapsulate a specific pointed or abstract visual message. Words can only say so much. You work hard to get and stay in front of...

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Dynamic Applications

Virtuosodesign offers a wide variety of custom mobile applications for the Andriod and iOS platforms. If you can dream it up, virtuosodesign can create a dynamic, platform specific SDK mobile application to serve your business or organization's needs...

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Logo Design & Branding

Graphic Design

The Fabulous Faith Foundation

Website Design/Development

Mustang Creek Estates

Website Design/Development

Precision Press

Website Design

The Law Office of Randall Scott

Website Design/Development


Website Design


Virtuosodesign believes that any media produced is a direct and immediate reflection of your business. It is the first good impression you may or may not get to make. It is the extended electronic handshake to clients across the states or globe. Virtuosodesign consists of some of the finest designers, most brilliant programmers, most intuitive layout artists and skilled print masters that we know of.

Virtuosodesign is the marriage of spectacular design and imaginative ingenuity. Virtuosodesign takes pride in its work and has the utmost devotion to its' clients from the beginning of the project to the end and beyond with the resources to meet and manage your business' online and media presence.

There is not much that can stand in the way of creating design and function when the designer has the drive and passion to create great things. Skill is an attribute that comes with time and experience. Great designers have a passion to develop skill and deliver great work. Passion and skill are woven together by the fabric of determination and the drive to create things that enhance people's lives.

virtuosodesign is commited to providing a higher quality service tailored to your business' needs. virtuosodesign is professional and knowledgeable and offer competitive pricing. Whether your site is informational in nature or specifically designated for e-commerce, Virtuosodesign is able to provide custom solution tailored to meet your business or organization's particular needs. I am dedicated to my trade and to the people, companies and organizations that I work with.

I call upon a select group of collegues and experts in my professional network in order to remain "lightweight", fluid and flexible, to bring the best combination of pricing, skills and trades available to make you successful. virtuosodesign believes innovative technology not only enhances the way we do things, it redefines the way we live our lives, conduct business, spread information and connect with consumers on a deeper level.

Team Virtuoso

That's right. It's just me.

Brian Van Skiver

Owner/Lead Designer

Hello my name is Brian Van Skiver and I started Virtuosodesign LLC and launched after graduating from The Art Institute of Dallas in January of 2003.

I am here to create great things and give businesses the opportunity to present their company in the best possible light at a reasonable rate. I am a one man team, but I don't do it all. So that I may remain "lightweight", fluid and flexible, I call upon a select group of collegues and experts in my professional network to bring the best combination of skills and trades available to make you successful.

I am dedicated to my trade and to the people, companies and organizations that I work with.